Tokyo Global Marketing Conference

They were invited to the award ceremony held at 2018 Global Marketing Conference in Tokyo.

1. Hyunje Joo, Architecture & Design, Republic of Korea
2. Soukaina (Sookie) Brarou, Contemporary Media Art, Belgium
3. Niccolo Masini, Painting & Sculpture, Italia
4. Lin Ji, Painting & Sculpture, China
5. Alexandre Dang, Contemporary Media Art, France

‘2018 GAMMA Young Artist Competition’ lasted from May 6th to June 11th and attracted many artists from the fields of painting & sculpture, contemporary media art, and architecture & design. 226 participants from over 26 different countries (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, German, Greece, India, Iran, Israel, Italia, Kenya, Republic of Korea, Lithuania, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Republic of South Africa, Russia, Serbia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA) submitted more than 800 works in total. From the first round of selection, 7 candidates from painting & sculpture, 17 candidates from contemporary media art, and 1 candidates from architecture & design fields were chosen. 5 finalists among 25 shortlisted candidates have been chosen by an international team of juries and they will have an opportunity to exhibit and present their works at 2018 GMC Tokyo.